What are Artscape window films?

Artscape is a decorative, translucent window film. When illuminated by light, a visual effect is similar to a stained glass window. Artscape is an inexpensive alternative to traditional window treatments.

Where can Artscape films be applied?

Our window film can be used on any smooth glass or plexi-glass surface. They are great for both residential and commercial use.

Are Artscape films easy to use? Can I install them myself?

Our window films are a simple Do-It-Yourself project. Detailed instructions come rolled up in each product. You only need a few items to complete the application: a spray bottle, liquid soap, utility knife, and a towel.

Do Your Products use adhesives?

No. All Artscape window films are non-adhesive.

Do your films provide UV protection?

Yes. Our films provide 82 – 92% protection from UV rays, depending on the image. UV protection helps prevent fading on furniture, drapes, and carpets.

Can Artscape be installed in a bathroom?

Yes, our product can easily be applied in a bathroom or other high moisture areas without problems.

How do I clean the film once it is installed?

Artscape can be cleaned using any household glass cleaner and a soft cloth or sponge.

How do I remove the films?

Artscape removes easily. To remove, simply peel the vinyl off the surface of the glass starting from one of the corners. Because there are no adhesives, there will be no messy residue that needs to be removed.

Can I order a custom size or design?

No. Artscape does not manufacture custom sizes or designs.

What if my window is larger or smaller than the film?

Artscape can be cut, or tiled together to fit any sized window. The pattern repeats left to right and top to bottom on the factory edge.

Can Artscape be applied to the outside of the window?

Yes, just make sure the window is thoroughly cleaned before applying. Artscape will fade and wear faster on an outside window.

Can I become a retailer of Artscape products?

We have an online store suited for retailers, installers and decorators. Visit www.artscapepro.com to sign up. More information can also be found by calling our customer service department at 1.877.729.0708.