You Will Need:

Spray Bottle

Liquid Soap


Paper Towels

Window Cleaner

Measuring Tape

Sharp Utility Knife

Straight Edge

1. Clean Glass

Thoroughly remove any dirt or debris from the window using a razor blade if necessary.

2. Measure & Trim

It is necessary that a 1/16" margin exist between the film and the window frame (inside the gasket).

3. Wet Glass

Add a couple drops of liquid soap to a spray bottle with warm water and wet window.
Do not allow paper backing to get wet!

4. Remove Backing

Peel film from the paper backing starting in the corner. Protect the film from lint and debris. If film comes in contact with itself, carefully separate. Keep paper backing dry while on the film.

5. Apply Film

Place the shiny side that was facing paper backing onto the well saturated glass and position.

6. Squeegee

Spray the outside of film with soapy water mixture. Starting from the center, use a squeegee to press out air bubbles. Place a towel at the base of the windowsill to catch excess water. Squeegee repeatedly until dry. No glue is needed and should not be used.