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  1. Ed Krinsky Says:

    I have two windows measuring 26×54″. I notice yours measurements are 24″ x……Do you sell larger widths than 24″?

    Thanks for your reply…………………


  2. james Says:

    Hi Ed,
    I’m not sure if you got a response to your question from last fall. I found this in a suspended file.
    We make a few sizes in 36″ x 72″:
    Texture 12 and Etched Glass are available at Home Depot.
    Rice Paper, Etched Leaf and and Etched Lace are available in 36″ x 72″ from us directly.
    Toll Free# 877-729-0708
    These larger sizes have only been available recently.
    Apologies if this is the first contact!


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