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  1. carol Mergner Says:

    do you have the rolls of stained glass film stripping in any larger rolls, the ones i saw were 24×36 inches which isn’t very big. thank you . carol mergner

  2. Nancy Rubio Says:

    Can I use this plastic film in my outside glass bathrom door?

  3. Kelly Hall Says:

    Hi Carol,

    At this time we do not print colored sheets of film any larger than 24″ x 36″. These are all made to tile on your window and if sizes exceed this size the print on each piece of film becomes inconsistent. If you decide to tile the film the easiest application is to apply all sheets of film at the same time, align them accordingly and then squeegee out the water. This will allow for a more seamless tile. If you have any further questions feel free to email me at kelly@artscape-inc.com.
    Thank you,

    Kelly Hall
    Customer Service Supervisor

  4. Mayra garza Says:

    Do you sale any films with dragon flies on it ? And how can I order some?

  5. rosee swain Says:

    My question is: my husband is desperately looking for more “vienna” contact paper to complete the rest of his project. How can he go about purchasing more? He cannot get anymore at Home Depot? Thank you, rosee swain

  6. david Says:

    Where can I find this certain pattern and which store carries it

  7. Carol DeWaters Says:

    I have a door window 24″ X 46″ which exceeds your general size by 10″. If I purchased 2 rolls can the pattern Magnolia be matched as you would for wallpaper?

  8. Lynda W Says:

    I liked the etched leaf window adhesive. I need a 6 ft. Length x 24″. Home Depot only had the 24 x 36 size. Can I get the larger size?

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